Himalayan Salt Feet Detoxification Block

ANSIO traders bring you the finest Himalayan detoxification blocks. These blocks don’t just detoxify and heal your feet but also your body. These blocks naturally pull the toxins from your body which enables greater purification. You can also say goodbye to severe aches in your body with every use. If you have chronic muscle pain in your body or are struggling with painful conditions such as arthritis, these detoxifying rock salt slabs are for you. They’re extremely easy to use, just put the slabs in a slightly elevated position so that when you place your feet on the bricks, all your weight is on them. In the case of commercial pain relief methods, there’s a high chance that you’ll be adding extra chemicals into your body. You can avoid all of this and opt for the all-natural pain relief method instead. ANSIO traders believes in providing the finest quality of products, that’s why you can trust on the detox bricks being crack-free and naturally forming, that means they won’t break so easily. They should be stored in a cooler environment.