Himalayan Edible Salt

Himalayan salt is highly popular due to the minerals found in it. Pink salt reserves in the Himalayan mountain ranges date back 200 million years and due to this reason, the pressure from the rocks and trace minerals have given it special characteristics. Consumption of this salt is known to be highly beneficial as it provides a number of benefits. It contains 84 minerals that are essential for overall wellbeing. Edible Himalayan salt is especially beneficial for those who consume a lot of alkaline food such as red meat and those who consume a lot of acidic food such as chicken as it balances the body’s pH level. It’s also known for improving blood circulation and improves any strain on circulatory vessels. Even though Himalayan Salt is made up of 98% sodium chloride, it’s overall sodium content is lower than the average sea salt. ANSIO traders brings you premium quality Himalayan edible salt straight from the mountain ranges so be sure not to miss out!