Pure Himalayan 5 Pound Salt Rocks 2-4 Inches Each

Himalayan salt rocks naturally provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. ANSIO traders bring you the purest salt rocks straight from the Himalayan Mountain ranges. When consumed, pure rock salt has various other benefits as well. It not only increases libido but is known for improving sleep quality as well. If you incorporate a glass of hot water that’s boiled with the rock salts, you can enjoy a cheap weight loss regime from the comfort of your home. With an emphasis on avoiding any preservative chemicals, you can count on us to provide you with premium quality naturally forming salt rocks. You can use Himalayan salt rocks in a number of different ways. You can break the rocks to make them smaller to sprinkle as seasoning on your favorite meals or you can get creative and use them as cooking slabs or form them into beautiful shapes. You can add them into popcorn if you’re looking for a milder flavor. You can place them on top of overly sweet desserts for a crunchier and evened out flavor.

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