Salt lamp With Oil Diffuser

If you feel that the traditional salt lamps on the market don’t provide enough negative ionization than you don’t need to worry anymore! ANSIO brings you the finest salt lamp with a built-in diffuser. This lamp combines three types of therapies to enable enhanced overall well-being. You can now get the benefits of light therapy, halotherapy and aromatherapy all in the price of one product! The light coming from Himalayan salt crystals is said to have healing effects. Halotherapy is one of the highly popular forms of treatment to cure breathing illnesses such as bronchitis, asthma and other breathing issues. With the built-in oil diffuser, enjoying a relaxing massage in a warmly lit room with essential oil vapors in the air is no longer a distant dream. The negative ionizations will help negate the electromagnetic radiation all around us. It’ll be the perfect addition on your night stand or in the living room It also makes for a thoughtful gift due to the many benefits it provides.