Himalayan Salt Basket Lamp

ANSIO Traders presents you one of the finest and premium quality basket salt lamp. Containing ANSIO’s trademark salt chunks, you can rest easy knowing you’re going to be getting all the benefits of a Himalayan salt in an attractive format. Are you thinking of brightening up the room or helping your loved ones brighten up their spaces with a warm light? Well now you can stop thinking since this lamp is one of the most popular gift items in our list of top Himalayan salt products. The salt chunks a warmer orange light. The light coupled with the iron basket make it look like you’ve a fireplace on your desktop. With tons of positive customer reviews, this is one of the most sold items on our list. Consumers said it was one of the most popular conversation-starters in their living room and it is due to this reason that a lot of folks love to keep in their common quarters.