Remote Controlled Himalayan Salt Lamp

ANSIO traders brings you one of the finest color changing Himalayan salt lamp. Made from a 100% pure Himalayan salt, these hand carved salt crystals have high light transmission so your room is going to radiate a positive energy along with a warm light. Himalayan salt crystals are known for being natural negative ion radiators so you’ll get a warm ambiance with fresh air that lifts up your mood every day. This salt lamp also has additional features that will prove quite handy for a number of different settings. You can adjust the brightness or dim it according to your needs. There’s also a sleep mode and a night mode if you wish to use it as a night light and create a relaxing atmosphere in your room. The touch sensitive button will give you easy maneuverability and allow you to switch between mode with just a slight touch. Just touch or hold it gently to switch. It also supports remote control usability so you no longer need to be close to the lamp to control it.