Smart Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

ANSIO brings you one of the finest and intricately designed salt lamps on the market. If you’re the kind of person who likes a warm glow in the room than you’re definitely going to enjoy this lamp. Unlike other salt lamps on the market, this one is designed with an intricate yet graceful design in mind. The light source underneath enables the lamp to radiate negative ions in the air. This will make it easier to enjoy fresher air in whichever room its placed in. You’re also going to get two additional light bulbs so you never have to worry about being without warm light. It doesn’t just look like a conversation piece in any room it’s placed in but it also makes for a highly desirable gift to your loved ones. ANSIO traders put great emphasis on high quality pink salt products so you can rest easy knowing this lamp is fitted with the finest Himalayan salt crystals. So be sure not to miss out on making this lamp a part of your household.